The Flash Will End With Season 9 At The CW

The Flash Will End With Season 9 At The CW

The Flash Will End With Season 9 At The CW

The final season will run for 13 episodes, and arrive in 2023.

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A new trailer for The Flash Season 9 was released online over the weekend, but The CW quickly took notice and addressed the apparent DC leak.

The Flash Season 9 is set to mark the end of the Arrowverse as Grant Gustin’s titular Speedster embarks on his final adventure. The final batch of episodes is expected to address Season 8’s massive cliffhanger while also featuring surprise guests along the way.

Set photos confirmed that Batwoman actress Javicia Leslie will make an unexpected return as the Red Death alongside other returning Flash villains from previous seasons.

While the anticipation for the final season has been high, it seems that the hype became too much as a fake trailer has been spotted online.

Godspeed and Zoom’s promised team-up has a chance of finally happening in one of The Flash’s final episodes. With The Flash coming to a close with a 13-episode ninth season, the window is closing on so many stories previously set up by the CW series. Over the course of eight seasons, The Flash has teased a number of events that have yet to transpire in the Arrowverse, one of which being an alliance between Godspeed and Zoom.

The Flash season 8, episode 15, titled “Into the Still Force”, used the Still Force to preview a handful of moments that have yet to happen in Barry’s life. According to an article headline from the future, Godspeed and Zoom will team up in 2024. According to showrunner Eric Wallace, this headline wasn’t just an Easter egg; it represented a storyline he’d like to do in a future episode. Wallace said in an interview in 2021 that he’s “certainly going to try” to make Godspeed and Zoom join forces in The Flash season 9. There’s no confirmation the team-up will happen, but Wallace’s interest in the scenario is a good indicator of its chances.

The final season of The Flash is upon us, and a lot is riding on it. Not only is it the last season of one of The CW’s most popular shows, but it is also the final season of the Arrowverse as a whole. With that in mind, here are a few things that we hope to see in the last season of The Flash, as well as some fan theories.

First and foremost, we hope to see the return of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). After being absent for most of the previous season, it is essential that he returns for the final season in a big way. Additionally, we hope to see the return of some other major characters, such as Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist), and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes).

In The Flash, different versions of Barry Allen exist within the multiverse. Each universe has its own unique characteristics and history. The existence of the multiverse was first hinted at in the season one episode “Out of Time” when Cisco Ramon mentioned the possibility of alternate Earths to Barry Allen. The concept was explored further in the season two episode “Welcome to Earth-2,” when Barry traveled to an alternate universe for the first time.

With the release of the Season 9 trailer, we get glimpses of other DC heroes — specifically Batman. At the time of this writing, sources have not one but two different actors listed as Batman in The Flash. Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck are both credited for the same role in the post-production of season 9. This gives viewers quite a lot to speculate on. Screen Rant confirms this speculation but gives no further details about the story. As fans will have two Batmans in the final season, will they venture to Central City, or will The Flash join them in Gotham?

Let’s state right away that Grant Gustin is scheduled to resume his role as Barry Allen, which is excellent since The Flash wouldn’t be the massive hit it is without its star. Unsurprisingly, Gustin was the first to sign up for season 9. His return was announced in March 2022, just before the program was renewed. Prior to The CW deciding on a 13-episode final season, the actor reportedly set a cap on his involvement at 15 episodes.

‘The Flash’ Will End With Abbreviated Season 9 on The CW | THR News

The Grant Gustin-led DC Comics series will return in 2023 with 13 episodes.

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‘The Flash’ Will End With Abbreviated Season 9 on The CW | THR News

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All Confirmed Characters Appearing In The Final Season of The Flash

The Flash and the Arrowverse are coming to an end this year with The Flash Season 9 and we already know about some huge names who are returning for this season!

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