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Bomberman Live

Bomberman Live

The frantic bomb-your-buddy classic comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Bomberman Live Battlefest (Xbox 360) – All Costumes (Including DLC)


Here I am again folks. This time I’ve got all the costumes for Battlefest unlocked! Interestingly, the only ones you have to unlock on this game are the new ones. There are many returning costumes from Live/Ultra but they come unlocked from the start so that’s nice. On top of that, I also bought the three costumes packs so this is the entire roster of available costumes here. The first six or so in the video are said DLC costumes.

I also apologize for the audio. I have no idea why, but the 360 I bought does not like to cooperate with my elgato. I couldn’t find a way to fix it so at least we have the video of all the costumes if nothing else.

Also here’s a pack where you can download a screenshot of all the costumes:!1mxhlShJ!Xyj_hmDHG4RAjFiDESSv0A8PpI4Sg3CliCxQvXPeJdE


Bomberman Live Ultra Music Normal Battle Theme Extended ☿ HD ☿

Bomberman Live Battlefest – Gameplay (Includes DLC Stages)

All Costumes:

I bought a 360 just to play this game (because I have a Bomberman problem) and it was worth it. This game really builds upon everything in the first game by offering new costumes and some really cool concepts for stages. It’s a lot of fun and definitely worth any Bomberman fan’s time, especially these DLC stages.

I apologize if there’s any weird crackling or the video seems a bit off. This game did not like running on the 360 I purchased and coupled with the elgato game capture made for a strange output at times.

Now here’s some timestamps:
00:00 Classic
02:15 Adventure Island
06:50 Dark Castle
11:10 Factory
17:10 Giant
23:40 Laser Arena
25:30 Multimaze
30:15 Pirate Ship
35:38 Power Station
38:20 Bullshit!!
42:59 Reflectors
48:00 Steamworks
53:35 Thunderstorm
59:25 Time Tunnel
1:02:20 Volcano
1:08:42 Waterways
1:12:10 Asteroid
1:16:00 Intersection
1:20:25 Dojo
1:22:53 Resurrection
1:31:13 Charger
1:33:15 Future


Bomberman Live (Xbox 360)) – 8-Man Mayhem

Playing a first-to-9 match against 7 AI bots in Bomberman Live.

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