Nightmare Fuel Donkey Kong Country TV Series Is Free To Watch On YouTube And Amazon

Nightmare Fuel Donkey Kong Country TV Series Is Free To Watch On YouTube And Amazon

It’s still slightly less disturbing than Cocomelon.

Episode 1 – Donkey Kong Country |FULL EPISODE| RETRO RERUN

When King K. Rool’s last attack fails, he comes up with a new strategy to steal the Crystal Coconut by cloning Candy Kong with an evil robot.


Donkey Kong Country – Every Musical Number (Season 1 and 2)

(i forgot Kong Fu’s title card, but it doesn’t matter enough to warrant a re-upload. sorry about that)
Ever since YTV uploaded the entire series, I’ve been meaning to make this compilation. Unfortunately the uploads they have suffer from some weird interlacing issues when compared to the DVD quality sets, but I’m just thankful we finally have the series in a free, near-perfect set to easily watch.

Consider this my reupload set for all of the season 2 songs, with the audio issues from Follow That Coconut and the general low-quality of Just Kidding out of the picture, and the incredibly long introductions for every song cut out.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Game Over but it’s straight-up nightmare fuel

Watch this at night without any lights on, you won’t.

Kiddie Kong, what did you do to dixie…

The TERRIBLE Donkey Kong Country TV Show…

AHHH! This animation is… so.. primitive. It’s the 90s in full swing with a million strange decisions and our favourite ape chucked into the middle of it. Welcome everyone to the weird and wacky world of Donkey Kong Country… but not as you know it.


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…And to think this literally first aired the DAY of my birth. That’s just spectacular. I am literally the same age as this show. Hopefully we didn’t BOTH age so poorly…